Beyond The Applause

The True Meaning of Creativity

Many students that I work with have a hard time embracing their own creativity. Many claim to not be creative at all.

In a time when our educational system cuts arts programs and throws most of its resources into math and sciences, it’s easy to develop some misunderstandings around creativity and what it means to be creative. When I talk to my clients and their families about identifying and harnessing their creativity, I am continually surprised by the number of folks who think creativity and academics are mutually exclusive. […]

Don’t Let F.E.A.R Rule Your College Application Experience

All big transitions and changes will contain some component of fear. It’s simply the unknown and it’s easy to let it cloud the experience that will reign over the last two years of your high school experience.

A wise person once said, “Fear is just false evidence appearing real” and this is absolutely true. All of the fears that you have surrounding your college application process probably have little to no basis in reality. So many students wonder “What will happen if my dream college doesn’t accept me?” or “What if NO colleges accept me?” […]

A Letter to the Parents

As a mother of three, I know that your child will always be your baby. Seeing them through the years of college preparation (not to mention the college years themselves) can feel like a tricky road to navigate at the best of times.

You’ve worked hard to provide for them, to protect them, to help them, nurture them and love them. Preparing to help them launch into adulthood and self-sufficiency can feel scary, overwhelming, stressful and bittersweet all at the same time. […]

Meaning of ‘Beyond the Applause’ and Where it all Began


When the curtain goes down at the end of the performance, when the final claps of applause fade away and there’s no one left to please but yourself, do you truly feel satisfied with what you’re doing and the choices you’ve made?

That’s a question I found I needed to ask myself many years ago after committing my youth and early adulthood to professional ballet. […]