Beyond The Applause

College and Career Planning for Students

I work closely with students and their families from all over the US to make sure that they successfully find themselves on the right college and career path. We do this by following the IDEAL process which has helped over 97% of my program graduates graduate college with employment. My full-service system helps you go through your college planning, application and decision process. We can work together or virtually (thank you, technology!) from anywhere in the country.


Here are the next steps for students and their families:

FIRST: We’ll do an initial consultation to discuss your goals along with my process and prices. I’ll guide you through a bird's eye overview so you can see how we will map out your college plan and develop action lists for you.

SECOND: If we're a good fit, then we will set up a meeting schedule to help you find your future!

Speaking Engagements

I provide talks and workshops on the following subjects:

  • Smart career-planning for the arts-minded student.
  • Using Creativity to unlock innovation in arts, science, medicine and all fields of study.
  • Why assessments are critical to helping students design their ideal educational path.

If you would like to inquire about booking me for a conference, school presentation or workshop, please call (770) 715-3351 or send me an email.

Partnering With Educational Consultants

It’s difficult to have all of the answers for every possible type of student. That’s why I work closely with other consultants to provide supplemental assistance for their students in the following areas:

  • Student Assessments
  • Career and College Admissions for students in Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Design.
  • Career and College Admissions for students in the medical field.

If you’d like to discuss supplemental services for any of the students you are currently working with, please call (770) 715-3351 or send me an email.